Free webinar: ‘TV White Space Devices and Wireless Microphones’

The next Webinar by SBE, titled “TV White Space Devices and Wireless Microphones“, provides an overview of what the FCC has authorized for unlicensed devices and how this will impact the daily operations of a broadcaster, news organization and production company.

The FCC is now allowing unlicensed wireless devices to operate in vacant TV White Space channels as well as accommodating unlicensed microphone use. This will significantly impact news and remote operations for broadcasters and others. This is not something for the future. It is happening today. It is vital you understand how it will impact you and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact your operations. Continue reading


Free webinar for SBE members on white space devices

TV White Space Devices & Wireless Microphones is a must-attend webinar on how to understand new FCC regulations on using unlicensed devices in TV white space. The webinar is free for members of the SBE, thanks Shure for sponsoring, and $39 for non-members.