Special pricing for SBE University online course on 8-VSB through November 30 – check out a preview of the course

SBE Members can take advantage of a $20 savings by purchasing the 8-VSB course on SBE University by the end of the month.  This course, written by Doug Garlinger, CPBE, 8-VSB, CBNT, provides an overview of the 8-VSB system from end to end, providing all the basic information needed to understand the nature of 8-VSB modulation and to recognize deficiencies in the transmitted signal. This information will be invaluable in installing, maintaining and operating a digital television transmitter facility.  Much of the material contained in this course will aid the student in his or her efforts to obtain the SBE 8-VSB Certification.

The course has 14 chapters, and includes graphics, a glossary, quiz questions, and a final exam. Subjects include an introduction to 8-VSB, video compression, DTV audio, active format description, PSIP, 8-VSB signal and channel occupancy, the 8-VSB transmitter, 8-VSB spectral display and mask, television power and DTV service areas.  

The courses on SBE University are made up of 8-14 chapters.  They can be viewed unlimited times.  Courses also contain graphics, a glossary, quiz questions, and a final exam, all to compliment the course.  In addition, you can view a preview of this course, and any of the courses on SBE University.