What education are you looking for in the coming year?

As I plan the webinars and courses SBE would like to offer in the coming year,  I thought what better way to find out what our members would like to know more about than to ask them!

Next year we are planning to release a systems integration course, an advanced course on computer networking,  several webinars on IP networking, and a webinar on FCC enforcement actions.  Comment on this post to let us know what else you would like offered in the way of a webinar, online course, or live seminar. You can leave your comment by clicking on the bubble to the right of the title.

Kimberly Kissel, SBE Education Director

Still time to register for today’s Webinar by SBE on Chief Operator Responsibilities – 2pm ET

SBE members often serve as the Designated (or Alternate) Chief Operator. Others are key support personnel for managerial staff. SBE members who understand the requirements of the chief operator will be an invaluable source for any broadcast facility. Sign up now for the Webinar by SBE on Chief Operator Responsibilities, taking place today at 2 p.m. Eastern time.  The cost for members of the SBE is $49 and $69 for non-members.  Click here for more information on this webinar and the presenter, Dennis Baldridge, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNT.

Webinar outlines the technical and administrative responsibilities of a station’s chief operator

Many chief operators come to this position with limited technical background; others are proficient with the technical aspects but are unfamiliar with all the requirements. The next Webinar by SBE titled “Chief Operator Responsibilities – What should I be doing?” outlines the specific duties required of a chief operator and the FCC requirements behind them. Topics include the station’s chief operator designation, administrative responsibilities, technical responsibilities, accuracy responsibilities, communication requirements and authentication requirements.  In addition, sample templates of required documents will be provided.

Participants will benefit by having the ability to verify substantial compliance with the FCC Rules and Regulations for the radio and TV stations they serve as it pertains to the Chief Operator duties, making them better equipped to serve their facilities.  This webinar takes place october 17 and is only $49 for members of the SBE. For more information and to register, click here.

Chief Operator Responsibilites – do you know what they are?

Make sure you know what is required of chief operators by attending this Webinar by SBE on October 17.  Dennis Baldridge, CPBE, AMD, 8-VSB, CBNT is presenting this imperative webinar.  He will review administrative and technical responsibilities, communication requirements and more.  In addition, he will help you understand the FCC Rules and Regulations, so you are better equipped to serve your facility. For instance, did you know each station should appoint an alternate chief operator?  Review the FCC regulation below:

73 . 1870  Chief Operators.
(a) The licensee of each AM, FM, TV or Class A TV broadcast station must designate a person to serve as the station’s chief operator. At times when the chief operator is unavailable or unable to act (e.g., vacations, sickness), the licensee shall designate another person as the acting chief operator on a temporary basis.

This webinar is $49 for members of the SBE and $69 for non-members.  Sign up today!