Are you ready for the CALM Act? Check out this article and seminar to help you prepare

I ran across an article from TV Technology from last month on A Systems Approach to Implementing the CALM Act, written by Mary Gruszka. Some key points are outlined to help stations be in compliance with these rules by December 13, including establishing a company standard, and understanding where the various types of content come from and how to ensure they meet your company’s standard.

With this important deadline just around the corner, the SBE and ATSC have put together a day-long seminar geared toward helping you plan and implement your solution.  The Audio Loudness Management Seminar Series takes place in Chicago on August 23, in Los Angeles on September 27, and in Atlanta on November 13.

Station engineers, broadcast executives, cable operators, satellite TV providers, the content creation community, and other professionals affected by this act will have the opportunity to hear about important updates in DTV audio loudness standards.  Topics include the FCC rules and updated information on the CALM Act, practical solutions for implementation, loudness measurement and monitoring technology, receiver processing and equipment solutions, and an in-depth tutorial on ATSC’s Recommended Practice A/85.  Those contributing to this seminar include Jerry Whitaker, ATSC; Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal; Pat Waddell, Harmonic Inc.; Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs; and Steve Silva, Fox.

If anyone has any comments or helpful articles about the CALM Act, feel free to post them here by clicking on the bubble at the upper-right hand side of this post.

Kimberly Kissel
SBE Education Director

TV Technology features article on the Ennes Workshop at NAB

Fred Baumgartner, CPBE, CBNT, who develops the Ennes Workshops, wrote a great article on what to expect from this year’s Ennes Workshop at the NAB Show. This is worth reading even if you aren’t planning to attend. The workshop takes place this Saturday, April 14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Room S225 beginning at 8 a.m. PDT. Be sure to register with the NAB if you wish to attend.