SBE Suggests Chapters Suspend In-person Meetings

The safety of our members and their families are our utmost concern. During this time of heightened concern for public health with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the SBE asks that SBE chapters not conduct in-person meetings in March and April, but rather, meet virtually through any capabilities you may have available to you.

One possible source for a remote presentation is the SBE Chapter Speaker List. Several SBE Sustaining Members offer program presentations to chapters. Contact them to see if a remote presentation could be scheduled for your chapter.

So glad to have you as a new SBE member, COMARK Communications

Welcome to our new sustaining member, COMARK Communications. COMARK Communications has more than 40 years of experience in the field of high power RF Technology. The core business of the company has traditionally been the design and development of solid state and tube type high power broadcasting transmitters, systems and components. The technologies developed for these purposes are also used for scientific and medical applications, such as particle accelerator and fusion research projects.

Welcome to the SBE, ROHN Products LLC!

Rohn-SBEJoin us in welcoming our newest sustaining member,  ROHN Products LLC. ROHN has been designing and manufacturing towers for more than six decades. Whether it is Guyed Towers, Self Supporting Towers or Steel Poles, ROHN maintains large manufacturing and staging facilities in the tower design industry.

Welcome to the fold, Blonder Tongue!

Welcome to new SBE sustaining member, Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. They provide system operators and integrators serving the cable, broadcast, satellite, IPTV, institutional and professional video markets with comprehensive solutions for the provision of content contribution, distribution and video delivery to homes and businesses. Blonder Tongue designs, manufactures, sells and supports an equipment portfolio of standard and high definition digital video solutions, as well as core analog video and high speed data solutions for distribution over coax, fiber and IP networks.

Welcome to the family, Chyron Corporation, Progressive Concepts and Tower Engineering Company!

Check out SBE’s online member directory and buyers’ guide

A new web-based service, developed by SBE, will provide members a faster and more accurate way to locate other members, suppliers and information about the SBE. The new SBE Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide can be found on the SBE website. Members can access the directory by going to the website homepage and clicking on the membership directory link in the upper right corner of the page. There, you’ll find a table of contents similar to that provided in the paper directory we have published since 1995.

The new directory will help SBE members find other membersfind a chapter, and even find sustaining members (suppliers).  Another feature from the paper directory that continues in the web-based service is the list of members who advertise their services as contract or consulting engineers

The SBE Buyers’ Guide is also included in the new directory, making it easier than ever to find the services and products you need.  Take a minute to check it out!

Miss the SBE Membership Meeting? Watch a recording now!

You’re in luck if you missed the fall membership meeting of the SBE in Denver. You can watch it online, now! Thanks to, Advanced Broadcast SolutionsComrexDVEO and Orban for sponsoring the meeting. They made it possibly to view, for those of you who were unable to be in Denver. A big thanks to SBE Immediate Past President Vinny Lopez, CEV, CBNT and SBE Chapter 48 Chairman Tony Roccanova, along with their team, for their great work on the live stream and recording.