SBE Leadership Development Course Set for August

The Society of Broadcast Engineers will hold the 2017 SBE Leadership Development Course Aug. 8 – 10, 2017, in Atlanta, GA. This three-day course is an intensive study of successful leadership and management, designed specifically for broadcast engineers.

The course explores the nature of leadership, the difference between being a manager and being a leader, how to build a winning team, the importance of attitude in the leadership position, communication insights and so much more.

Rodney VandeveerInstructing the course for the seventh year will be Rodney Vandeveer, professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University. Vandeveer brings more than 30 years of experience in human resources management, training, development and manufacturing. Vandeveer also owns a leadership training business, VanTech Training. A previous course attendee said, “Outstanding program! I found the material valuable, and Rodney [Vandeveer] is an engaging teacher!”

To register for this professional development opportunity, visit the Leadership Development Course page on the SBE website and click the Education tab. The enrollment fee is $620 for SBE members and $675 for non-members. The course will be held at the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport South. A special room rate of $118 per night, plus tax, is available through July 10, 2017. Questions? Contact SBE Education Director Cathy Orosz at

The SBE has presented the SBE Leadership Development Course since 1997. The NAB sponsored the course from 1965 to 1995. This intense course is designed specifically for broadcast engineers who have or aspire to have management responsibilities. Details on the course are available at


Like it or not, we are all leaders. What kind of leader are you?

I came across an article that described how most managers are concerned with ‘what’ people do, and not ‘why’ they do it.  In other words, managers are more concerned with employee’s actions, rather than their internal motivations. To do this, leaders would need to take time to gain insight into where a person is coming from, and interact on a more personal level.  So, how do we do this?

One way I found is to explore different types of personalities, and understand how best to communicate and work with each personality type. By understanding your personality type, and that of those around you, you’ll have a basic understanding of what type of person they are and what they respond positively to. First, you would need to find out what personality type you are first, so you know how best to interact with the others. There is a leadership style assessment in the SBE Leadership Development Course, taking place August 13-15 in Atlanta, that does just that – helps you understand what type of leader you are, and how best to communicate with other personality types.

Other than understanding personality types, are there any tricks you have come across to deal with challenging people in the workplace?

Kimberly Kissel, SBE’s education director

Broadcasters: Leaders who are well aware of their leadership style are more likely to succeed at their job than their peers.

The SBE Leadership Development Course, originally presented by the NAB, has been helping broadasters for four decades. The course, incorporating introductory and advanced topics within leadership, challenges attendees to recognize their weaknesses and identify ways of building teams and relationships. Topics of the course address specific challenges often encountered by broadcasters, including working within a team, communicating with upper management, resolving conflict and more.   

Instructing the course for the fourth year is Rodney Vandeveer, a professor of organization leadership and supervision at Purdue University. One attendee of the course said of Rodney, “I have never had an instructor grab and hold the interest of a group like Rodney.”

Subjects of this popular course include the fundamentals of leadership, a team building workshop, a leadership style assessment, motivation, insights into generational differences and more. 

The course is limited to 30 attendees and promises to be highly engaging and interactive.  Participants of the course appreciate how the material and subjects address issues specific to those in broadcasting. 

The course takes place August 13-15, 2013 in Atlanta.  Visit our website for more information and to register.

It is your attitude at the beginning of a difficult task that, more than anything else, will bring about a successful outcome.

As I began to prepare for this year’s SBE Leadership Development Course, I decided to review the very big binder of last year’s course. Each time I go through it, I find something new to inspire me. This statement – It is your attitude at the beginning of a difficult task that, more than anything else, will bring about a successful outcome – was my inspiration today. It makes me think of how Rodney Vandeveer, the instructor for the leadership course, started many a morning asking people if they ‘saw the sign’.  Well, after looking around, you would hear that person ask, ‘No, what sign?’, at which time Rodney would say ‘the sign that says smile’. And I have to say, it always put a smile on everyone’s face within earshot. Rodney really is talented at setting such a lighthearted, fun and welcoming tone in the classroom.

LeaderCourse_1Here’s a picture from last year’s course that I love!  Although a little fuzzy, I can feel the fun and camaraderie partnered with all the concepts being learned and shared in this room.   – Kimberly Kissel, SBE Education Director

What education are you looking for in the coming year?

As I plan the webinars and courses SBE would like to offer in the coming year,  I thought what better way to find out what our members would like to know more about than to ask them!

Next year we are planning to release a systems integration course, an advanced course on computer networking,  several webinars on IP networking, and a webinar on FCC enforcement actions.  Comment on this post to let us know what else you would like offered in the way of a webinar, online course, or live seminar. You can leave your comment by clicking on the bubble to the right of the title.

Kimberly Kissel, SBE Education Director

SBE Leadership Development Course offers a full curriculum and sees record attendance

I have never seen such a lively and jubilent bunch as I did last week at the SBE Leadership Development Course. Rodney Vandeveer, the course’s instructor and a professor at Purdue University, outdid himself once again.  His unique ability to instruct with such a deep knowledge of the material, share real-world examples from his past career, and involve the students through group exercises is truly amazing. 

2012 SBE Leadership Development Course class hard at work

Several participants noted that Rodney has a keen ability to keep students engaged as he moves through the mass amount of material. Everyone who attended the course said they would recommend it to others.

One of the many group exercises in the course

Look for a full wrap-up of the SBE Leadership Development Course in the October Issue of the Signal.