Professional Liability Insurance Available

The Society of Broadcast Engineers now has available to members professional liability insurance coverage specifically designed for broadcast engineers and technicians who provide their services on a consulting and/or contract basis. The program is administered by the Hays Companies of Washington, DC. Premiums are based on the size and scope of the individual member’s business.

This unique professional liability policy was developed with input from many members of the SBE who operate their own businesses. Several hundred members completed surveys, conducted by the SBE in cooperation with Hays Companies, to ensure that the policy developed would reflect the work and responsibilities that consulting and contract engineers typically do.

The SBE is pleased to be working with the Hays Companies of Washington, DC, part of a nationwide and international company that includes among its services a specialization in risk management and commercial insurance. The underwriter for the SBE policy is a unit of Lloyds of London. For information about the SBE Professional Liability Insurance or to get a quote, contact Henry Cifuentes at the Hays Companies during East Coast business hours at 202-263-4018 or

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