How do we grow our own Transmitter Engineers?

It’s 02:00 on a rainy morning and you are in a transmitter building on a cow pasture working to get the transmitter back on line.  What is not to love about that?

Well, having been in that situation a time or two in my career, maybe I can see why some would not find that a fun thing to do on a rainy morning.  Looking back, I’m not so sure I did at the time.  It did feel great to save the day and get us back on the air.

This is my dilemma, as I am sure it is for many of you hiring managers – “How do we grow our own transmitter engineers?”  Where can we find this special breed of engineer?  If like me, you have noticed we are getting older, grayer and closer to retirement every day and there are very few that follow in our footsteps.

Most of the new “engineers” are coming to me looking to be “Broadcast IT Engineers”; they don’t want to go outside if they can help it and never mind getting them out to the remote sites at a moment’s notice to repair a transmitter.

In my case, I have 17 radio transmitters and 9 TV transmitters scattered all over my state.  My concern is how to replace the retiring transmitter engineers.

How are others doing it?  Are they doing it?  Where are you going to find them?

If you have any ideas, please post them here.