If you can’t find the content, you really don’t have it

It is often repeated that “if you can’t find the content, you really don’t have it.” What were once boxes of tape neatly labeled on a shelf is now most often files with cryptic names in some invisible place in cyber space. Digital asset management systems organize and make this content searchable. We all know how important metadata tagging is, but we broadcasters often see ourselves as living in a largely “turn and burn” world where an asset can have a short shelf life. Asset management systems can be expensive and complicated, suited for curation tasks like managing sports or news footage. Still, some larger facilities are now very dependent on asset management, and as time goes on there appears to be right sized solutions being developed for broadcasters. More importantly, the topic of asset management more and more frequently comes up in broadcast facilities; often in the context of moving a station’s content to the cloud, and as stations reach easily into very large remote storage locations. Asset management has a language of its own, and basic workflow principles that broadcast engineers should have a conversational knowledge of.

On May 16, Theresa Regli will present a webinar on Media Asset Management. This Webinar by SBE will focus on the ins and outs of the software systems that manage broadcast media assets and provide an excellent understanding of Media Asset Management “MAM” components and functions. Practical application requirements will be reviewed to understand who are the industry players, how the various MAM system services work, and understanding the implementation architecture approach. Theresa is a twenty-year veteran of the content technology industry, and offers a unique industry perspective to SBE members needing to learn about Media Asset Management. Visit our website for more information on this webinar.

 – Fred Baumgartner, CPBE

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