$20 off Computer Networking online course for SBE members through December 31

Looking for a way to use your time wisely over the holidays? The SBE is offering a $20 discount on its most popular online course from SBE University – Computer Networking for Broadcast Engineers.  Purchase this course before the end of the year, and you will have unlimited access to it, including any updates made to the course. The discounted cost is $79 for members of the SBE.  Click here for more information on the course and to register.

The purpose of this on-demand course is to give the student an introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer networking. The course will cover computer topologies (both physical and logical), media types, the OSI model, and local area networking. It will cover some legacy material but is primarily about Ethernet, TCP/IP and other current computer networking protocols. Hardware such as switches and routers will be covered and software such as VLAN, VPN, and NAT as well. Some basic troubleshooting, security, and administrative procedures will also be reviewed. The course is meant as an introduction, covering many subjects at a high level in order to assist the broadcaster in passing the Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist exam. There are several quiz questions at the end of each chapter to help the student ensure he/she understands the material.

Three Ennes Workshops confirmed for 2013

If you live near Sacramento, or in South Florida or the New England area, consider attending an Ennes Workshop.These one-day affordable workshops are jam packed with the latest information in broadcast and media technology. The Sacramento Ennes Workshop takes place February 23.  The South Florida Ennes Workshop is on March 8, and the New England Ennes Workshop is on November 7. Click here for the latest details on each workshop.

Cleveland Ennes Workshop attendees - June 13, 2012

Cleveland Ennes Workshop attendees – June 13, 2012

Louis Johnson IV, CPBE, attended the Cleveland Ennes Workshop earlier this year.  He said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the Cleveland Ennes Workshop! I appreciated the diversity of information and the people in attendance from different areas of broadcast technology. It is always nice to congregate with your peers in technology. Sometimes the individual personal experiences shared in person can be just as educational as the program that brought you together!”

Subjects of this year’s workshops include social media, EAS, radio automation, ENG technology, TV master control, spurs, lightning protection and more.

Thank you to the hosts of each of these workshops! SBE Chapter 43 – Sacramento; KVIE; SBE Chapter 53 – South Florida; Clear Channel; SBE Chapter 11 – Southern New England;and the New England Broadcast and Cable Expo.

If your chapter is interested in bringing an Ennes Workshop to its members, contact Kimberly Kissel, and read this for details on what it takes to host an Ennes Workshop.

What education are you looking for in the coming year?

As I plan the webinars and courses SBE would like to offer in the coming year,  I thought what better way to find out what our members would like to know more about than to ask them!

Next year we are planning to release a systems integration course, an advanced course on computer networking,  several webinars on IP networking, and a webinar on FCC enforcement actions.  Comment on this post to let us know what else you would like offered in the way of a webinar, online course, or live seminar. You can leave your comment by clicking on the bubble to the right of the title.

Kimberly Kissel, SBE Education Director

Check out SBE’s online member directory and buyers’ guide

A new web-based service, developed by SBE, will provide members a faster and more accurate way to locate other members, suppliers and information about the SBE. The new SBE Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide can be found on the SBE website. Members can access the directory by going to the website homepage and clicking on the membership directory link in the upper right corner of the page. There, you’ll find a table of contents similar to that provided in the paper directory we have published since 1995.

The new directory will help SBE members find other membersfind a chapter, and even find sustaining members (suppliers).  Another feature from the paper directory that continues in the web-based service is the list of members who advertise their services as contract or consulting engineers

The SBE Buyers’ Guide is also included in the new directory, making it easier than ever to find the services and products you need.  Take a minute to check it out!

Registration opens for the Sacramento Ennes Workshop, taking place February 23

The Ennes Workshops were created in 1991 through the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust in an effort to bring affordable education to members locally. Topics for this workshop include the future of ENG technology, TV station hardware, managing social media and workflow for broadcasters, codec design, radio automation and more! The cost for SBE members is only $30, and includes breakfast and lunch.  Thank you to SBE Chapter 43 and KVIE in Sacramento for hosting this workshop.