Hear about how BXF can help automate cumbersome processes in the next Webinar by SBE

Do you feel the pain caused by decades-old interfaces that are tough to maintain, and not well-suited to today’s demands for more open, dynamic interaction between systems? Are you being asked to do more, but with fewer resources? Chris Lennon, who is known as the father of SMPTE’s Broadcast eXchange Format, also known as BXF, will be presenting a Webinar by SBE exploring BXF.  

Attendees will get up to speed on what exactly BXF is, and why it has so rapidly become one of SMPTE’s biggest success stories. The technical capabilities of BXF will be explored, as well as the underlying business benefits it provides. The webinar takes place November 27. The cost for members of the SBE is $49, and $75 for non-members. 

BXF was first published about four years ago. Since then, the broadcast industry has embraced it. Hundreds of implementations have been successfully completed, and BXF is well on its way to being the de facto method of connecting systems such as Traffic, Automation, and Asset Management. See how BXF has helped broadcasters, and how it can help you, as well. Read more…. Register today!

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