Webinars by SBE – affordable, convenient education for broadcast and IT professionals

One of the components of the SBE education program is Webinars by SBE.  These webinars can be heard via streaming while a presentation is shown. In the libary of on-demand webinars, there are several webinars available at no cost for members of the SBE. Others are as low as $39.  Live webinar attendeees get a link to the recorded webinar. Keith Kintner, CPBE, CBNT said of Webinars by SBE, “These webinars are an excellent way to keep up-to-date with new issues in broadcast engineering. They are a real bargain, since there are no travel expenses. And, they can be reviewed at a later time, by all ‘attendees’.” If you haven’t already, take a look at our upcoming live webinars, as well as the webinars available on-demand. Upcoming webinars include Chief Operator Responsibilities, a BXF tutorial, and IP Networking, part 2 – Routing and Switching.

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