SBE pays tribute to Battison at National Awards Dinner

Watch the touching tribute to John Battison presented by Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer CPBE CBNT, editor of Radio magazine and past president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers at the SBE Awards Banquet at the 2012 National Meeting in Denver on October 24, 2012. Battison was the founder of the SBE and former technical editor of Radio magazine. Click here to view a video of the tribute.

Visit the John Battison tribute page on the SBE website to find out more about his legacy.

Will we see you in Denver next week?

SBE National Meeting LogoMake your plans to come to Denver next week, if you haven’t yet. Join the SBE for the 2012 National Meeting hosted in conjunction with The Rocky Mountain Audio Video Expo (AVX 2012) October 23-24. We’ll see you in Denver!

Audio Loudness Seminar Series – last stop Atlanta on November 13

The last stop in the Audio Loudness Management Seminar Series, brought to you by the SBE and ATSC, is Atlanta on November 13.  Topics include a background in loudness, measurement and monitoring, DTV’s audio loudness challenges, content creation, MVPDs and consumer experiences. Longtime SBE member Dick Burden, CPBE, said of the LA Audio Loudness Seminar, “I have been to a number of lectures and seminars on this subject. This is the best of the bunch by far. The presenters have lived it and offer their solutions and recommendations. I highly recommend it to all associated with program audio.”

Presenters of this day-long seminar include Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal; Pat Waddell, Harmonic; Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs; Jerry Parkins, Comcast Cable; and Steve Silva, Fox. Click here for more information and to register.

Still time to register for today’s Webinar by SBE on Chief Operator Responsibilities – 2pm ET

SBE members often serve as the Designated (or Alternate) Chief Operator. Others are key support personnel for managerial staff. SBE members who understand the requirements of the chief operator will be an invaluable source for any broadcast facility. Sign up now for the Webinar by SBE on Chief Operator Responsibilities, taking place today at 2 p.m. Eastern time.  The cost for members of the SBE is $49 and $69 for non-members.  Click here for more information on this webinar and the presenter, Dennis Baldridge, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNT.

Webinars by SBE – affordable, convenient education for broadcast and IT professionals

One of the components of the SBE education program is Webinars by SBE.  These webinars can be heard via streaming while a presentation is shown. In the libary of on-demand webinars, there are several webinars available at no cost for members of the SBE. Others are as low as $39.  Live webinar attendeees get a link to the recorded webinar. Keith Kintner, CPBE, CBNT said of Webinars by SBE, “These webinars are an excellent way to keep up-to-date with new issues in broadcast engineering. They are a real bargain, since there are no travel expenses. And, they can be reviewed at a later time, by all ‘attendees’.” If you haven’t already, take a look at our upcoming live webinars, as well as the webinars available on-demand. Upcoming webinars include Chief Operator Responsibilities, a BXF tutorial, and IP Networking, part 2 – Routing and Switching.

Two SBE regional events going on now

If you live in the Wisconsin or New York areas you must attend the ongoing SBE regional events. The Chapter 22 Broadcast & Technology Expo is taking place at Turning Stone in Verona, N.Y. and the WBA Broadcasters Clinic is taking place at the Marriott Madison West in Wisconsin. The events last through tomorrow, October 11. Visit the event websites or the SBE National Calendar for more information.

Webinar outlines the technical and administrative responsibilities of a station’s chief operator

Many chief operators come to this position with limited technical background; others are proficient with the technical aspects but are unfamiliar with all the requirements. The next Webinar by SBE titled “Chief Operator Responsibilities – What should I be doing?” outlines the specific duties required of a chief operator and the FCC requirements behind them. Topics include the station’s chief operator designation, administrative responsibilities, technical responsibilities, accuracy responsibilities, communication requirements and authentication requirements.  In addition, sample templates of required documents will be provided.

Participants will benefit by having the ability to verify substantial compliance with the FCC Rules and Regulations for the radio and TV stations they serve as it pertains to the Chief Operator duties, making them better equipped to serve their facilities.  This webinar takes place october 17 and is only $49 for members of the SBE. For more information and to register, click here.