RF Safety, IP Networking and Audio Loudness Management from SBE

Registration and participation in the SBE RF Safety Course has been simplified, making it easy for you to hear Richard Strickland discuss the biological effects of RF radiation, the differences between RF radiation and ionizing radiation, proving compliance at a broadcast site, FCC and OSHA regulations, workplace hazards and more. Register now for this informative webinar, taking place September 25. 

Are you considering taking the Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer (CBNE) certification exam? Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE is presenting a webinar on the OSI model and layers on September 11. This webinar, the first in a series, will focus on the OSI Model, TCP Model, and the application to the Physical, Network, and Transport layers as applied to IP Networking as utilized in broadcast distributions systems.

The SBE has partnered with ATSC to offer you a one-day seminar on audio loudness management.  This program is being presented in Chicago on August 23 and focuses on important updates in DTV audio loudness standards and the implementation stage of the FCC’s Commercial Audio Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act. Presenters include Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal; Pat Waddell, Harmonic; Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs; Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic; Steve Silva, Fox; and Dave Higgins, Comcast.

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