Sage Alerting System Releases IPAWS Support Filmware

Sage Alerting Systems has posted a message on their site saying:

We plan to release the IPAWS support firmware before 1:00pm EDT today. This is, as always, subject to a little drift.
• This web site is a finite resource. If everyone tries to download at 1:00pm, it won’t be pretty.
• Our support lines are a finite resource as well. If you need to call us, and you get voice mail, leave a message. Don’t try to call back later, assuming we’ll answer the phone then. Leave a message, and we’ll return your call in the order we received it. Don’t try the sales or business office extensions, they can’t call support either if the lines are busy.
• Please read and follow the steps in the release notes carefully. If you haven’t tried to add an IPAWS server by hand, and if your ENDEC is able to sync up to a network time source, the install will go very well. If you have tried to get the ENDEC to poll IPAWS by using instructions from a source other than Sage, you will have problems. Those CAP server entries, with things like “ipaws”, or “http” or “https” followed by anything, won’t work, and will result in a “CAP offline” message. If you can access your ENDEC, you might want to do a little prep work, remove those servers, and upload the settings before you upload the firmware. This is especially true if you used the ENDECSetd included in release 74-2, and built a CAP server with a type of “IPAWS OPEN” and an incorrect URL. Keep any server that is currently working for you, this includes any MyState server or GSS satellite server.

The other EAS encoder manufactures also have information available.

Visit the Emergency Alert System Issues page on the SBE website for more information.

Scott Mason, CPBE, CBNT, SBE EAS Education Committee Chairman

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