SBE TV and radio operator handbooks now available in digital format

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has published handbooks for radio and television operators for more than 15 years and now they are available in digital format. The SBE Television Operators Certification Handbook and the SBE Certification Handbook for Radio Operators can now be purchased through and They can be read using those companies’ popular Kindle and Nook capable devices and apps.

Purchase of the digital version of either book does not include the corresponding SBE operator certification exam. The exam can be purchased separately through the SBE website. The combined cost of the digital book and the separate exam is the same as the cost for the traditional paper book that includes the exam.

“These two handbooks represent the first of many digital books and other educational material the SBE plans to publish going forward,” said SBE President, Ralph Hogan, CPBE, DRB, CBNT. Hogan also said, “Publishing in digital form helps to meet the needs of our members who want educational material available in traditional and digital versions. Providing both will offer options to the broadcast engineer who routinely uses electronic devices in their daily jobs.”

The digital versions of the operator handbooks provide the added value of convenience and mobility. The digital editions have exactly the same content as the current paper editions and include practice questions at the end.

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