The Ennes Workshops – an affordable day of continuing education and networking

I visited El Paso to help with the El Paso Ennes Workshop last Friday.  What a beautiful town, as you can see below.  The mountains are nothing short of spectacular. The statue pictured below, which is called “The Equestrian”, is located right outside the airport and the hotel where the workshop was held.  I didn’t realize this statue, which is apparently the world’s largest equestrian statue, salutes the conquistador who reportedly gave El Paso its name, and honors Hispanic people for their contributions to building the American West.

Traveling with the Ennes Workshops is one of my favorite parts of my position here at the SBE.  It allows me to see you, the broadcast engineer that I serve, which always helps me put things in perspective.  It gives me a renewed sense of purpose.  It helps ensure that I am on the right track of providing various forms of continuing education to keep you informed about the industry and where it’s going. 

The Equestrian

There were some interesting topics presented, including sending video quickly over the Internet, and how Ethernet can be used in ways not previously considered for audio and video. In addition, a tutorial on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was added to the schedule which proved to be quite interesting and detailed.  Tony Peterle showed us how engineers can use this protocol to operate all kinds of broadcast equipment remotely.  We heard about trends in TV infrastructure, including audience measurement.

Norbert Miles said of the workshop, ”The Ennes Workshop plays a very important part and key element and tool for keeping up with today’s technological advances in the broadcasting industry.”

Steve Lampen at the El Paso Ennes Workshop

All in all, it was a great day for learning and networking.  It was great to see the engineers having a day for themselves – and the food was good too! And I gained a fresh perspective on my role here at SBE.  Thank you SBE Chapter 38 for bringing the workshop to your members!

If you are interested in attending a workshop, check out the Cleveland Ennes Schedule.  This workshop takes place Wednesday, June 13.

Kimberly Kissel, SBE Education Director

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