AM Directional Antenna Modeling Webinar – May 10

The SBE, in conjunction with Cris Alexander, CPBE, AMD, DRB, is pleased to present “AM Directional Antenna Modeling” on May 10.

With the advent of FCC-permitted AM directional antenna performance verification using moment-method computer modeling, broadcast engineers now have a new and powerful tool at their disposal. Qualifying arrays can be modeled and adjusted to the calibrated model parameters in lieu of all the labor, time and uncertainty of adjusting and proofing them using the old cut-and-try method employing field intensity measurements. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the modeling process, including base impedance matrix and sample system calibration measurements, model construction / calibration and derivation of operating parameters from the calibrated model. The FCC requirements for moment-method license applications will also be discussed.

Goals of this webinar include:

  • To provide attendees with a good working knowledge of the modeling process
  • To give participants the tools they need to assist their consulting engineers with an MoM application
  • To debunk much if not all of the misinformation about MoM modeling/licensing that is out there
  • To clearly define the eligibility of various antennas for modeling
  • To provide participants with a “peek under the hood” of the actual modeling process from start to finish

Cris Alexander is Director of Engineering for Crawford Broadcasting Company. He began his career in broadcasting in Amarillo, Texas, in the mid-1970s. Obtaining an FCC First Class Radiotelephone License, he worked in the engineering departments of AM, FM and TV stations in that market before moving to Dallas/Fort Worth, where he worked first in television and then in radio, getting his present position with Crawford Broadcasting Company in 1984. Alexander is a partner in Au Contraire Software, Ltd., a provider of broadcast engineering software and database services, including AM antenna modeling software.

The cost of this webinar is $79 for members of the SBE and $99 for non-members.  Click here for more information and to register.

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